Pronin Anatoliy V.

Personal information: Anatoliy Pronin. 13.01.1989. Born in Russia, town Tambov.


— From 08.2006 till 09.2011 was learning at the law faculty of the Voronezh State University (Russia); final thesis written at the c hamber of administrative law (Theme of the paper ― Service in local governments of Russia and Austria, comparative review of legislation).

— Since 09.2011 I am a postgraduate student of international and european law chamber of the Voronezh State University. Theme of the russian PhD thesis analog is ― Legal and institutional cooperation between Austria and the EU (scientific supervisor — professor, doctor of legal science P.N. Biriukov).

Work experience.

— Since 01.2013 I am working as a professor assistant at the chamber of international and european law of the Voronezh State University (I read lectures on international criminal law and history of diplomacy).

Academic qualifications.

— In 2009 and in 2011 I received scholarship of the Russian Oxford fund.

— In 2013 I received a grant of the Centre of European and German studies of the St. Petersburg state university for the thesis finishing.

— Member of Young International Arbitration Group (YIAG).

I have a number of articles in russian law magazines (published also in russian) , including:

— P.N. Biriukov, A.V. Pronin. Mediation in Austria // A rbitral and civil process. 2011 . No 10. p. 42 – 48 ; No 11 . p. 34 – 37.

— A.V. Pronin. Court system of Austrian republic // E – attachment to the russian law magazine. 2012. No 6. p. 25 – 31.

— A.V. Pronin. Service in local governments of Austria // International law readings. 2012. No 10. 149 – 158.

— A.V. Pronin. Bar institutions of Austrian republic // Eurasian advocacy. 2013. No 2 . p. 28 – 30.

— P.N. Biriukov, A.V. Pronin. Austrian Economic Chambers // Law and economy. 2013. No 4 . p. 64 – 67.

Foreign languages. I have conversant knowledge of english language, and basic knowledge of german language.


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