International law readings

Call for papers

“International Law Readings” is a journal published on the basis of materials whichwere presented at the academic section of the Department of International andEuropean Law, Voronezh State University. It includes articles and abstractsof lecturers, postgraduate students and students of the Law Facultyof the Voronezh State University as well as other universities.

The journal is aimed at lecturers and students of law faculties, practitioners, and other specialists, who are interested in International, European and foreign law. The Journal has its own international standard serial number (ISSN) 2311-1992.


International law readings. Vol.11
International law readings. Vol.12
International law readings. Vol.13
International law readings. Vol.14
International law readings. Vol.15



Pavel Biriukov—doctor of legal science, professor, and head of the International and European law chair at the VSU (Russia).


Galushko Dmitriy—candidate of legal science, associate professor at the chair of International and European law, VSU (Russia).


Alina Kaczorowska—PhD, professor of European Law, University of the West Indies (Barbados).

Alberto Costi— professor in International Law at Victoria University School of Law in Wellington (New Zealand).

Andreas Donatsch—Dr. iur., full-time professor (“Ordinarius”) for criminal law and criminal procedure at the University of Zurich School of Law (Switzerland).

Derek Averre—Dr., senior lecturer at the Centre for Russian and East European Studies School of Government and Society University of Birmingham (Great Britain).

Frank Altemöller—Dr. jur., professor for International, European and German Economic Law at the University of Applied Studies and Research in Harz (Germany).

Hana Horak—Prof., at Faculty of Economics and Business University of Zagreb (Croatia).

Pierre Tifine—Dr., professor of Public Law at UFR Droit, Economie et Administration Metz, Université de Lorraine (France).

Rajko Knez—PhD, full professor at the Faculty of Law University of Maribor (Slovenia).

Yun Zhao—PhD, professor, director of the Center for Chinese Law at The University of Hong Kong (China).



Papers are accepted for publication on the Department of International and European law, VSU (By editor-in-chief—professor Pavel Biriukov or by executive editor—Dmitriy Galushko). Articles can be also sent to our e-mail:


The following requirements are applicable to the materials for publication:

1. Article`s text as an electronic document on any carrier or by e-mail. The file name should contain the author’s NAME and the title of the represented article (for example: Ivanov I. I.-European Union.doc).

2. Information about the author (co-authors) with the full information of his/their data (including academic degrees, ranks and workplace), abstract, key words. Article`s abstract should not be less than 500 characters.

3. Translation of the article`s title, abstract of the article, keywords, and information about the author on the English language. We ask you to pay special attention to this point.

4. Coordinates of the author for the organization of feedback (telephone number, e-mail).

5. The text is presented in a format file with a .doc extension, font—Times New Roman, font size—14, interval—1,5, all the fields on the sheet amount to 2 centimeters; footnotes are issued 10th font.

6. Footnotes should be at the bottom of the page. Footnotes should be performed with observance of the established bibliographic rules.