Double diplomas

The chair of International and European law of VSU got a grant within EU program “Tempus”, for implementation of the master program of double diplomas under the working name “The International and European Law in Eastern Europe”.

The distinctive features of teaching a course for masters in ILEL include:

  • studying of the basic courses combining statement of theoretical and practical problems, formation of skills of legal qualification;
  • possibility of an independent choice of the courses focused generally on studying of practical aspects. Undergraduate (together with the research supervisor) forms the individual curriculum which except disciplines of specialization in European law includes the obligatory disciplines considering specifics of previous education of student of a magistracy, and also special courses for choice, proceeding from concrete interests and needs of the student;
  • involvement in teaching both Russian, and European experts lawyers;
  • best form of preparation for postgraduate study. During training in a magistracy student can be admitted to the examinations in the candidate minimum volume on “History of Philosophy and Science” and a foreign language;
  • best students ILEL have the opportunity to receive training and internships in foreign universities in Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, to participate in Russian and international conferences and competitions;
  • improvement of language competences, training in specialty language (with emphasis on studying of a special legal language), formation of skills necessary for professional activity in a foreign language. The duration and intensity of language training in framework of the program varies depending on language level of the student. Studying of second foreign language is permitted on condition of good progress on special disciplines on a contractual basis.

Training in ILEL opens opportunity for occupation of high positions in professional practical activities. Graduates of ILEL work in large Russian and foreign companies, the international organizations, as well as at public service, etc.

Implementation of the program of training of students according to the Master’s program is promoted by a long experience of chair of International and European law of VSU on training of foreign affairs specialists of various profile, the scientific and pedagogical school which has developed at University in the field of legal, administrative, historical, political, economic, sociological, philological sciences, a support on the high quality faculty of VSU.

Educational process:

Classes are given daily from 14.00 till 18.50.

Thesis on competition of degree of the master of law prepares within two years of study in magistracy.