Efremov Alexey A.

Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor.

In 2001 graduated with honors from Law Department of Voronezh State University. Winner of the All-Russian Student Law Olympiad 2001 in the category “Information Law”.

In 2001 — 2004 — Post-graduate and lecturer of Chair of Constitutional and International law of law department VSU.

Winner of Russian government scholarships for postgraduate students in 2003.

Candidate of Legal Sciences (2004, specialty 12.00.02 — constitutional and municipal law, thesis “Realization of constitutional principle of free movement of financial means”).

In 2002-2005 — Head of Mission of Regional branch of Federal Securities Commission – Federal Financial Markets Service of Russia in Voronezh region.

In 2007-2009 –Deputy Governor Assistant of Voronezh region. State Adviser of Voronezh region of 3d class.

Now — Head of Management department of Federal Service for Supervision in sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Russian supervisory committee) of Voronezh region. Adviser of Public civil service of Russian Federation of 2d class.

Author of more than 140 scientific and practical publications on issues of constitutional, international, civil, financial, and information law (including business publications “Corporate Lawyer”, “PE-Lawyer”, “Lawyer of the Company”, “Bulletin NAUFOR”, “Share Gazette”, “Finance”, “Banking in Moscow”).

Member of subject-methodological section of “Informatics and Mathematics, legal informatics” of Educational and methodical association on legal education of universities of Russian Federation.

Member of Working Group of integrated projects at Chairman of Public Chamber of Russian Federation for preservation of spiritual and cultural heritage.

Member of Expert Community Problem Analysis Center and Governance at Department of Social Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Member of Advisory Council of NGO “Information for all”.

Accredited as an independent expert who is authorized to conduct the examination for corruption (order of Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation of 07.09.2009 № 3316-r).

Publications and citing of A.A. Efremov in Russian Science Citation Index.