The presentation of master program “International and European Law” at Kazan Federal University

The presentation of master program “International and European Law” took place on 23rd of September 2015. at the Kazan Federal University.

Roustem Davletguildeev and Gulnara Shaikhutdinova presented to students of law faculty new master program «European and International law». The new program became a result of a successful cooperation between higher educational facilities from European Union, Ukraine and Russia – participants of Tempus IV Project 544117-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-HR-TEMPUS-JPCR InterEULawEast, as prof. Davletguildeev noted in his welcome speech.
Prof. Davletguildeev emphasized attention on general learning outcomes of the new master program, it advantages and perspectives for students who will attend it.

Prof. Shaikhutdinova stated that international nature of disciplines taught in the framework within the master program «European and International law» is the main advantage which may open the mind and make students more competitive on labor market.

The presentation attracted more than two hundred students all over the Kazan Federal University as well as from other universities of the city of Kazan.

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