Monitoring visit by officers of National Erasmus + Office Ukraine held on 5th November 2015 at National University “Odessa Law Academy”

On 5th November 2015 monitoring visit took place at National University “Odessa Law Academy”. Professor Hana Horak, Coordinator of Tempus project 544117 InterEULawEast and her team, in presence of local representatives of Tempus Project – Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Professor Vyacheslav Tulyakov, Head of Department for International Relations Associate Professor Vadym Barskyy and Professor Olga Turchenko, Donetsk National University, Vinnitsa – held a meeting in Tempus Centre with Mrs Olena Orzhel and Mrs Ivanna Atamanchuk, Project officers from National Erasmus+ Office Ukraine. Professor Horak gave introductory presentation of Project’s tasks and objectives and informed on organisational and financial aspects of implementation of the Project. Professor Horak emphasized that the Project has been executed according to the updated Workplan, it is flexible to external factors and that all issues of its implementation are being dealt with in permanent communication with the EACEA and other co-beneficiaries. National University “Odessa Law Academy” team introduced Mrs Orzhel to internal procedures of project implementation, in particular, with development of master programme, role of Tempus centre, preparation of Legal Glossary, competition procedures for scholarship mechanism. Local representatives also presented relevant supporting legal documents concerning overall project implementation. In the second part of the monitoring, project officers held several interviews with local students concerning student awareness of relevance of Tempus Project and prospects of student mobility within Tempus Project and other EU funded projects. In the end, Mrs Orzhel thanked the members of both teams for all efforts they have made so far in order to implement the Project and gave valuable recommendations for further implementation of the Project.

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