Welcome lecture for the students on scholarship mechanism within Tempus project InterEULawEast at FEB Zagreb!

On 22th February 2016 FEBUNIZG organised introductory orientation day for 9 incoming students within scholarship mechanism (WP. 4.). Students were introduced to basic aspects of Tempus programme and criteria of studying at Bachelor Degree in Business Programme.
Students have been chosen on basis of rigorous competition and selection procedure based on criteria of excellence at partner universities in Russia and Ukraine.
We address our congratulations to the students, their professors and mentors, and wish Anna Tikhomirova (TSU), Mark Lavrentev (TSU), Sandra Tsygantsova (KFU), Dmitrii Sarychev (VSU), Rodion Litovkin (VSU), Viktor Psolov (DNU), Iryna Nahorniak (DNU), Kristina Leonova (NU OLA) and Vladyslava Skorokhod (NU OLA) pleasant stay in Zagreb and fruitful studying period.

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