Final International Conference “Legal Reform and EU Enlargement – Transfer of Experiences”: The achievements of the InterEULawEast Tempus Project as Contribution to the European High Education Area and Implementation of the Best Bologna Standards

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite You to the Final Conference within the series of conferences “Legal Reform and EU Enlargement – Transfer of Experience” under the Tempus IV Project InterEULawEast, which will take place on 4-5th July, 2016 at Faculty of Law, University of Maribor, Republic of Slovenia, EU.

The working title of the Conference is “The achievements of the InterEULawEast Tempus Project as Contribution to the European High Education Area and Implementation of the Best Bologna Standards”.
The idea of the Conference is to discuss the outcomes of our Project and how the Project has contributed to the HEA and implementation of the Best Bologna standards in terms of raising awareness of EU law in PCs, introducing the best teaching practices, new academic journal, promoting student mobility and international academic cooperation, citing rules etc.

Staff members should also prepare presentations on the relevant Project outcomes that their co-beneficiary institutions have prepared – the joint textbook in EU law, Didactical Manual, Legal Terminology , the Glossary etc.

Beside the Conference, the consortium will held the last 6th Project Coordination Meeting. The agenda will be available soon.

For any further information please refer to and/or

We are looking forward to Your attendance and valuable contributions!

Welcome lecture for the students on scholarship mechanism within Tempus project InterEULawEast at FEB Zagreb!

On 22th February 2016 FEBUNIZG organised introductory orientation day for 9 incoming students within scholarship mechanism (WP. 4.). Students were introduced to basic aspects of Tempus programme and criteria of studying at Bachelor Degree in Business Programme.
Students have been chosen on basis of rigorous competition and selection procedure based on criteria of excellence at partner universities in Russia and Ukraine.
We address our congratulations to the students, their professors and mentors, and wish Anna Tikhomirova (TSU), Mark Lavrentev (TSU), Sandra Tsygantsova (KFU), Dmitrii Sarychev (VSU), Rodion Litovkin (VSU), Viktor Psolov (DNU), Iryna Nahorniak (DNU), Kristina Leonova (NU OLA) and Vladyslava Skorokhod (NU OLA) pleasant stay in Zagreb and fruitful studying period.

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Guest lecture visit of Professor Rajko Knez within Tempus Project 544117 InterEULawEast to the Institute of State and Law of Tyumen State University


On 15th and 16th February 2016 Professor Rajko Knez, Faculty of Law of University of Maribor gave two lectures – Developments in the EU and Contemporary jurisprudence of the Court EU – during his visit as guest lecturer at Institute of State and Law, Tyumen State University, Western Siberia, Russia.
Visit took place as part of tasks within Tempus Project InterEULawEast 544117, in particular, within WP.2.
Thanks to great support and logistics of our Tyumen colleagues – Professor Sergei Marochkin, Prof. Svetlana Racheva and Professor Irina Mylnikova – around 100 students and teachers attended the lectures.
After the lectures, Professor Knez gave answers to student’s questions and a vivid discussion took place concerning current issues of EU integrations and perspectives. We would like to thank to Professor Knez and our Tyumen team for their engagement due to which one more task within WP. 1. has been accomplished!

Part of the atmosphere can be seen on the video below. More on Professor Knez’s visit and details You can see here.

Master Programme ‘International and European Law’ launched at Tyumen State University


We are proud to inform You that the Master Programme ‘International and European Law’, which has been established within Tempus Project 544117 InterEULawEast, has been launched by the decision of the Academic Council of the Tyumen State University on 29 January 2016. It is the legal decision for the teaching programmes to be opened within the license of the Tyumen State University. To make this decision possible Tyumen TEMPUS team – Professor S. Y. Marochkin, Professor Alexander Yakovlev, Professor Svetlana Racheva, Professor Sergei Romanchuk and Professor Irina Mylnikova  – have been working hard in order to prepare all the necessary curriculum, teaching materials, supplies, etc.

​Next task of our Tyumen colleagues is to hold presentations before the students of our and other institutes of the University. The recruiting campaign is going to start in summer. Congratulations to TSU team and the whole consortium!

Monitoring visit by officers of National Erasmus + Office Ukraine held on 5th November 2015 at National University “Odessa Law Academy”

On 5th November 2015 monitoring visit took place at National University “Odessa Law Academy”. Professor Hana Horak, Coordinator of Tempus project 544117 InterEULawEast and her team, in presence of local representatives of Tempus Project – Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Professor Vyacheslav Tulyakov, Head of Department for International Relations Associate Professor Vadym Barskyy and Professor Olga Turchenko, Donetsk National University, Vinnitsa – held a meeting in Tempus Centre with Mrs Olena Orzhel and Mrs Ivanna Atamanchuk, Project officers from National Erasmus+ Office Ukraine. Professor Horak gave introductory presentation of Project’s tasks and objectives and informed on organisational and financial aspects of implementation of the Project. Professor Horak emphasized that the Project has been executed according to the updated Workplan, it is flexible to external factors and that all issues of its implementation are being dealt with in permanent communication with the EACEA and other co-beneficiaries. National University “Odessa Law Academy” team introduced Mrs Orzhel to internal procedures of project implementation, in particular, with development of master programme, role of Tempus centre, preparation of Legal Glossary, competition procedures for scholarship mechanism. Local representatives also presented relevant supporting legal documents concerning overall project implementation. In the second part of the monitoring, project officers held several interviews with local students concerning student awareness of relevance of Tempus Project and prospects of student mobility within Tempus Project and other EU funded projects. In the end, Mrs Orzhel thanked the members of both teams for all efforts they have made so far in order to implement the Project and gave valuable recommendations for further implementation of the Project.

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Working meeting with the students of “International and European Law” master’s program

On the 1st of September there was conducted a ceremony of awarding of students ID cards to students enrolled for our Master’s Program “International and European Law”. In total twelve students will study on the Master’s Program. Professor Pavel Biriukov greeted the students with the welcome speech. He stressed the importance of such specialists as future graduates of the Program for Russia and development of its international relations. Professor Biriukov wished the students success and good study.


The InterEULawEast fair at the VSU.

On March 20, 2015 on the basis of the VSU TEMPUS Center for European and International Law there has been conducted a fair for VSU students – «Modern Issues of the EU law». The first speaker was Professor Pavel Biriukov. His speech was devoted to some actual issues of legal regulation of economic relations and the functioning of the EU internal market. Lecturer of the Department of International and European Law Ilya Zhdanov described the questions of interaction of the European Union with its Member States. Associate Professor Dmitriy Galushko made a report on relationships between the European Union and partner countries and the Russian Federation. He focused his presentation on the TEMPUS project “International and European Law in Eastern Europe». Dmitriy Galushko told the audience about the project, progress of its implementation, the future master’s program “International and European law” and the mechanism of scholarships to study abroad for future master graduates of the program.

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The next speech was given by Danil Kustov, deputy head of «The Investment promotion agency of the Voronezh region” of the Department of Economic Development of the Voronezh region. He stressed on importance of teaching students to international and European law, welcomed development of the master’s program “International and European law», he also raised issues related to future employment of the graduate master students of the program.



The next speech of Dmitry Bondarenko, leading specialist of the VSU office on international student programs, was devoted to opportunities for the VSU students to study abroad and to participate in volunteer programs, in the EU mobility programs.


During the event, to attention of the students were also presented materials, developed and published within the InterEULawEast TEMPUS project – the «InterEULawEast Journal for the International and European Law, Economics and Market Integrations» and the textbook «European Market Law Handbook vol. 1 “.

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Call for conference: 2nd International Conference “Legal Reform and EU Enlargement – Transfer of Experiences” November, 13-14th 2014 Kazan

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the 2nd International Conference within the series “Legal Reform and EU Enlargement – Transfer of Experience” under the Tempus IY Project InterEULawEast, which will be held on November 13-14th in Kazan.

Venue: Faculty of Law, University of Kazan, Kremlevskaja 18, 420008 Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation
Date: November 13-14th 2014

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